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The Latest Bitcoin News

June, 2017

  • 7 June

    Gladiacoin: Probably A Ponzi

    With the cryptocurrency industry catching investors eyes, it is important to distinguish scams from legitimate companies. On the previous post about ICOs, we discussed the steps and importance of conducting research before investing. GladiaCoin is a great example of a company that does not satisfy the important components: team, mission, social media, and history. After a thorough analysis, it became …

  • 7 June

    A Short Guide to Investing in ICOs

    Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are a hot new area of investing. Trading on major cryptocurrency exchanges has gathered a lot of attention and brought nearly $70 billion since late April. This growth has a lot to do with new coins emerging to the market and with the launch of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) era. An ICO is a …

May, 2017

March, 2017

February, 2017

  • 17 February

    Live Bitcoin Seminars Returning to NYC

    Bitcoin. What is it?  How does it work? Why are millions of people around the world using Bitcoins to transact? How can you get in on the action?! “Bitcoin was the best performing currency of 2016” – Financial Times “Bitcoin’s Rally Crushed Every Other Currency in 2016. Here’s Why” – Bloomberg With the price of a single Bitcoin more than …

January, 2017

  • 3 January

    Happy 8th Birthday, Bitcoin!

    Today, January 3rd 2017, marks the 8th year since the beginning of the Bitcoin blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto’s “Genesis block,” the first block in the blockchain, was mined on January 3rd, 2009. The block contained the text “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” which was a newspaper headline from the British publication The Times. The whitepaper for Bitcoin, which …

December, 2016

  • 30 December

    Bitcoin Headed for $1,000 Any Day Now

    The price of Bitcoin has been a wild ride. After hitting an all time high of $1,242 per Bitcoin in November, 2013 (Mt. Gox), the price continuously declined for the next two years, eventually going as low as $160 in January, 2015. Fortunately, Bitcoin’s pains proved temporary and the exchange rate has been steadily rising since then. After hitting a …

  • 2 December

    Bitcoin Price Hits 2-Year High Of $781

    Following Bitcoin’s price has been a wild ride with plenty of ups and downs along the way. November 2013 saw a Bitcoin frenzy with each Bitcoin trading over $1000 a piece, then in 2014 Mt. Gox collapsed and there was a year long decline in price, reaching under $200 per Bitcoin in January, 2015. The price of Bitcoin has slowly …

August, 2016

  • 31 August

    Blockchain Voting is Coming, But It Won’t Be Online (Yet)

    Reposted from Blockchain Technologies Corp.’s Blog Forbes recently published an article about the possibility of using blockchain technology to secure elections. With all of the recent talk about hackers targeting U.S. election systems and blockchain hype cycle in full effect, this seems like a natural story to appear. Considering we have been working on ablockchain voting machine for almost two …