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Mexico City High School Students

Bitcoin Center NYC Welcomes Delegation of High School Students from Mexico City

Earlier this week, the Bitcoin Center NYC welcomed a delegation of high school students from Mexico who came to learn about bitcoin and digital currency. The students, who attend the prestigious Instituto Piaget in Mexico City, visited the Center as part of a week long trip organized by the XPAND educational consultancy. Their trip also included visits to UBS, the United Nations, and Columbia University.

“I saw Banking on Bitcoin last year and wanted the students to see where it all began,” said Ezequiel Kowal of XPAND who arranged the visit. “Especially after our visit to UBS, the Bitcoin Center is the perfect next stop to understand the future of money.”

The students received mini lectures on blockchain technology, the founding of bitcoin, and smart contracts by Bitcoin Center NYC founder Nick Spanos, communications director Ben Young, and former Facebook data scientist Hamdan Azhar. Center operations associate Laura Castagna also spoke about bitcoin in Latin America. The students also downloaded digital wallets for the first time so they see first hand how seamlessly peer to peer Bitcoin exchange works.

Nick Spanos also discussed his experience in politics, especially his work on former Congressman Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” movement and host presidential campaign. The students were surprised to learn that fiat currency has no backing and at the ability of governments to print money endlessly.

XPAND also awarded Bitcoin Center NYC a certificate of recognition for being the premier educational institution promoting awareness of cryptocurrency and cryptotechnology for over four years and educating thousands of students, journalists, traders, and ordinary people from all walks of life.

Bitcoin Center NYC welcomes visits by student groups and foreign visitors interested in learning more about bitcoin and the blockchain. To arrange a visit, just email zach@blocktech.com.