Judge sides with Bitcoiners in defiance of the State Regulators’ request to get BitLicense case thrown out

Justice Lucy Billings called her next case, “Theo Chino vs. New York Department of Financial Services”

Theo Chino is a man standing alone for Bitcoiners big and small everywhere by suing the NYDFS over “23 NYCRR Part 200,” also known as the BitLicense. Using a New York Civil Practice Law called Article 78, which is used when suing the state over the determinations of administrative agencies, Chino is arguing the NYDFS does not have the right to define virtual currencies; but rather it is for the State Legislature to decide.

The NYDFS lawyers were clearly expecting the case to be thrown out. They are challenging Chino’s standing to bring the case against them.

A clerical error prevented some important papers being delivered from one court to another. Although not relevant to Chino’s standing (but other arguments being made in the case), the judge wanted to do all hearings at once. It was a quick hearing – both sides will appear in court again in April or May for oral arguments.

Chino said “Just the fact that the judge wants to hear this case is a huge deal against ‘Overreaching Double Dealing Lawskys’ legacy.”

Anyone interested in fighting the BitLicense should show their support. If you are unable to donate to the cause (address below goes directly to Theo Chino), you can show your support by representing Bitcoin at the courthouse. When the next appearance gets an official date, it will be posted on Meetup.

You can contact Theo directly at article78bitcoin@theochino.com