Bitcoin Center NYC & Founder Nick Spanos @ World Government Summit 2018 in Dubai, UAE

Nick Spanos, founder of Bitcoin Center NYC and, has been invited to participate in a February 13th panel discussion on cryptocurrencies at the 2018 World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE. The summit, held from February 11-13th, brings together over 4,000 prominent public and private figures across 150 countries intent on engaging in future-focused dialogues to shape governments and improve the lives of citizens worldwide. Previous speakers include former U.S. President Barack Obama, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and CEO of Tesla Inc. Elon Musk. This years keynote address came from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and addition speakers include President of the World Bank Jim Kim and Director of the World Trade Organization Roberto Azevêdo.

Taking place in Dubai, one of seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Spanos’ discussion, which will focus on the oricalization (and tokenization) of natural resources, is especially apt as the UAE ranks number seven for world oil reserves. Spanos will discuss how oraclizing natural resource data [for use in smart contracts] such as oil pipeline flow rates, transfers, and sales will provide not only reduced costs and more trust against the competition, but will also create additional income as buyers of data are in constant search of pivotal information, especially for a commodity with immense international and geopolitical implications like that of oil.

By creating the Zap, Nick formed a marketplace where any kind of data stream, including the type that could be provided by Dubai and the UAE, can be sold to anyone on a free and open platform. Zap turns to the free market to source the best data feeds so that a decentralized community can choose among multiple and competing oracle data feeds. Natural market competition serves as the best way to greatly reduce bad actors among those data curators who want to provide trusted and honest oracles. The World Government Summit marks only one of many events that Nick has participated in and made the case for data oraclization and the need for a marketplace such as Zap’s where oracles can compete.

Visit @WorldGovSummit on Twitter to watch the Live Feed of Nick’s talk, which will begin at 10:40am (GMT+4) on Feb. 13th

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