Premier League Teams Sign Advertising Deal – Paid in Bitcoin

eToro, a trading platform based in the United Kingdom signed an advertising deal with seven Premier League soccer teams, the parties revealed August 21.

This deal marks the first time that any of these clubs have been paid in Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency.

The clubs involved in the deal include: Tottenham Hotspur, Brighton & Hove Albion, Crystal Palace, Cardiff City, Leicester City Football Club, Newcastle United and Southampton.

As the Premier League is one of the largest leagues in the world, these advertisements mark the beginning of blockchain and cryptocurrency integration in soccer stadiums around the world. Prior to this, only some isolated experiments have been conducted in smaller clubs, like the turkish Harunustaspor, who paid part of a professional player’s contract in Bitcoin in January.

This major advertising deal is a major step in the integration of blockchain in not only the world of sports, but the world as a whole, considering the Premier League is one of the most watched programs on TV.

The Union of European Football Associations, known as the UEFA, is deploying a Blockchain-based ticketing system for half of the tickets for the Europa League final. So this is just another step in blockchain’s mainstream adoption, stay tuned.