Robinhood Adds Support for Litecoin, Bitcoin cash to its Zero-Fee Crypto Trading Platform

Robinhood, the popular financial services app, just recently added support for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash for its Crypto Platform according to their July 12 blog post.

They noted that they are planning to further expand their offerings as well as add support for coin transfers, meaning that you can potentially deposit cryptocurrency into their exchange to withdraw, reinvest into stocks or other financial instruments available on their platform.

Ideally, the opposite will happen, where traditional investors will venture into crypto investments, while vesting their traditional stocks.

Robinhood launched their zero-fee platform in February in 17 states, and recently raised $363 million in funding in order to expand their crypto-platform. Robinhood’s userbase of more than 5 million truly has the potential to really ‘change the game’ with their commitment to cryptocurrency and blockchain in general.