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September, 2018

  • 18 September

    Zimbabwe’s New Finance Minister Calls for State Investment in Cryptocurrencies

    According to local news outlet IWebAfrica, Zimbabwe’s newly elected finance minister, Mthuli Ncube, said he plans to push the nation’s central bank to establish a “cryptocurrency unit” to better their country’s economic position. The outlet quotes Ncube as stating, “Zimbabwe should be investing in understanding innovations and often central banks are too slow in investing in these technologies. But there …

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  • 17 September

    Overstock to Sell Bitcoin Directly on its Retail Site

    Internet retail giant will support direct fiat to bitcoin purchases on its platform through the Bitsy digital wallet according to a press release issued by one of the retail company’s investment arms, Medici Ventures, who announced the beta launch. The beta launch will initially support bitcoin buys, however, the press release notes additional cryptocurrencies are soon to follow. The …

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  • 14 September

    Report: Morgan Stanley Plans to Offer Clients Bitcoin Swap Trading

    Bloomberg, citing a person familiar with the matter, reports that Morgan Stanley is working to offer their clients “complex derivatives” trading tied to bitcoin as a way to enter the cryptocurrency market. “The U.S. bank will deal in contracts that give investors synthetic exposure to the performance of Bitcoin…Investors will be able to go long or short using the so-called …

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  • 13 September

    Canada Approves Bitcoin Mutual Trust Fund

    Both the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) granted approval for First Block Capital, Inc. to operate as a mutual trust fund, according to a Business Wire press release. This means accredited investors can now deposit their funds into the company’s flagship product, the FBC Bitcoin Trust. The funds can be held in a Registered …

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  • 12 September

    Blockchain Association Becomes First Crypto-Lobby in D.C.

    In their first blog post on September 11th, the Blockchain Association announced their DC-based non-profit association that “will serve as the unified voice of the blockchain ecosystem.” This lobbying group is the first to work exclusively in the interest of representing and promoting blockchain technology in Washington. There are a host of leading industry names who have attached themselves to this …

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  • 11 September

    YouGov/Omnibus: 48 Percent of Millennials Would be Interested in Using Cryptocurrency Primarily

    According to a new YouGov/Omnibus survey, 48 percent of millennials would be interested in primarily using a cryptocurrency. Among Americans as a whole, 79 percent said they are familiar with at least one kind of cryptocurrency (bitcoin being the most popular at 71%) and 36 percent say they would be interested in primarily using cryptos. The survey was conducted August …

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  • 10 September

    Goldman Sachs Retreat From Trading Desk a Case of “Fake News”

    Last week it was reported that Goldman Sachs decided to put a hold on its plans to open a cryptocurrency trading desk which would include bitcoin. Now, the bank’s chief financial officer, Martin Chavez, has called these claims “fake news.” The rumors originated from a Business Insider exclusive detailing a supposed pullback by the bank in their efforts towards establishing …

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  • 7 September

    Iranian Government Accepts Crypto-Mining as Legitimate Industry & Considers National Cryptocurrency

    According to local Iranian new service IBENA, in the wake of economic sanctions recently imposed on the nation, the government has recognized cryptocurrency mining as legitimate and is seeking to launch its own national cryptocurrency. The report notes Abolhassan Firouzabadi, the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace, “stressed that cryptocurrencies mining like bitcoin has been accepted as an industry …

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  • 6 September

    CoinGate Merchants Can Now Transact on the Lightning Network

    The startup cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinGate now offers support for its merchants to transact through the Lightning Network. The over 4000 merchants who utilize the payment service offered by CoinGate can conduct instant low-fee micropayments by opening channels on the Lightning Network. Back in July of this year, Coingate conducted a trial run of the network involving over 100 of …

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  • 5 September

    Ambiguous Regulatory Landscape Halts Goldman Sachs Bitcoin Trading Desk

    First reported by Business Insider, Goldman Sachs has decided to put a hold on plans to open a cryptocurrency trading desk, which would include bitcoin, according to their sources familiar with the matter. As the article puts it, “Even Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street behemoth that trades in markets’ most esoteric assets, can’t find a way to trade bitcoin,” due …

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  • 4 September

    Cryptos Growing in Higher Education

    Coinbase partnered with Qriously to engage students directly about their attitudes surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. A post on the Coinbase Blog details their findings. Currently, 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities offer students at least one course on cryptos or blockchain and 22 percent offer more than one. When including classes on cryptography, the number becomes 70 …

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August, 2018

  • 31 August

    Yahoo Finance Adds Cryptos Trading on iOS App

    An August 30th Yahoo Finance blog post revealed the ability to trade cryptocurrencies directly through its platform. Currently, this feature is available through their iOS app, however, “Android, desktop and mobile web are coming soon.” Yahoo Finance users will have the ability to trade cryptocurrencies which include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and dogecoin. These new trading features were made possible through …

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  • 30 August

    Deloitte: 84% of Tech and Telecom Executives Believe Blockchain Will Reach Mainstream Adoption

    A recent survey conducted by Deloitte found that 40%of executives from the telecom, media and technology industries plan to invest millions in blockchain technology in the next year. Published 8/28/18, the survey gives insight into how the technology can be applied to these industries. The researchers interviewed more than 1000 executives from seven countries, and nearly 200 from the above …

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  • 28 August

    Hydroelectric Mining in New York Right Around the Corner

    Taking advantage of the low cost renewable energy offered by water, Dpw holdings plans to turn a hydroelectric dam in Valatie Falls, which sits ten miles south of New York state’s capital of Albany, into a dedicated mining operation.   As reported by, the dam will be equipped with the proprietary Superminer Anteater, which feature 10nm ASIC bitcoin mining …

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  • 27 August

    Chinese Search Giant Baidu Censoring Crypto Discussions

    The Chinese search engine known as the ‘Chinese Google’ is reportedly blocking cryptocurrency related content on its platform. China Times reported that Baidu is outright restricting crypto related discussion on Baidu Tieba, their Reddit-like platform. “Currently, the company has toughened its scrutiny over digital currency and will not allow sub-forums under this theme, based on relevant rules and regulations,” according …

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