New York Times Lists Job Posting Seeking Lead for “Blockchain Exploration”

Based on job postings to Glassdoor and Indeed, it appears the New York Times is now considering entering the blockchain space.

While the Glassdoor posting is expired, the Indeed post remains visible. It reads:

“The New York Times is looking for a forward-looking leader who will help envision and design a blockchain-based proof of concept for news publishers. The position is within the company’s research & development division. You will codify the vision for the research project and share that vision with potential stakeholders at other media organizations.”

As Yahoo News points out, while the NYT has published a “swathe of blockchain-skeptic pieces,” they also have “kept abreast of developments in the crypto and blockchain space. As an example, the New York Times recently published an in-depth report on Facebook’s alleged crypto project.

That report on Facebook launching their own cryptocurrency brought a wave of input. Most take issue with the proposed cryptocurrency as it would not be decentralized.

In a comment provided to Finance Magnates, Nick Spanos, founder of Bitcoin Center NYC, stated, “Based on all available reports, Facebook Coin is nothing more than a centralized payment system.” He continued, “Facebook is shilling its same old centralized technology that is a very far cry from the monetary revolution made possible by decentralization… Facebook Coin is a clever marketing scheme, but appears to be more of a last ditch effort to remain relevant in the midst of this decentralization revolution.”

As the New York Times and other organizations consider an entry into crypto, it is important that they asses their motives for doing so. For example, is the effort to create a cryptocurrency at the NYTs simply a last-ditch effort to remain relevant, as Mr. Spanos contents is the likely case with Facebook, or will the adoption of distributed ledger technology prove a useful tool in this instance? Only time will tell.